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Hi, Lifechange is us - David & Sue Tucker.

Our Ruby Wedding anniversary is history. Our children are both adults, married and we now have seven grandsons! 

Our professional backgrounds have been in IT originally followed by Management Consultancy. Following a number of years in consultancy, several at Price Waterhouse, David began his own Professional Practice in 1991 whilst Sue, having had enough of IT, after  20+ years with organisations such as Lombard and Fina, bought and ran her own Rosemary Conley Diet & Fitness Franchise.

In 2001, we also bought Blagdon Farm, a disabled holiday centre and ran that until 2006.

17107 Celadines

Together we have run our own businesses, we have led a Church, have a wealth of experience in developing people and businesses and in delivering training courses. We are both Counsellors trained to Advanced Level as accredited by the ACC and Sue is also a trained Life Coach.

lifechange started when we recognised the need for caring, professional development and training. lifechange is aimed at helping individuals groups and organisations improve their businesses, relationships, communications and understanding. 

In 2011, David was diagnosed with progressive Multiple Sclerosis which was, of course a great shock. We then had to adapt to a disabled lifestyle and our house. David needed sticks and crutches for very short distances, or a wheelchair or mobility scooter for anything longer. 

In Nov 2017, after having been severely disabled for ten years, God healed David completely of his MS. So the sticks, crutches, wheelchair and mobility scooters are gone, he is off all medication and today David again walks unaided - a true, modern-day miracle.

Today we live in the beautiful county of Somerset in what we would describe as semi-retirement ... described as such as we always seem to be busy!

David & Sue Tucker

David Tucker

Sue Tucker

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